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I love the smell of fire alarm in the morning...

Well, I had a fun day already. I went to sleep around 1:30 AM, a bit early for me, yes...but I felt like getting some extra rest. Then I get a phone call at 4:38 AM, so much for getting extra rest -.-. My immediate reaction is, who on earth calls at 4:30 in the freaking morning? It was obviously either someone outside the state who didn't know the time zone, Katie, or some sort of emergency. Now, considering that I don't know anyone who wouldn't realize the time, and I doubt that Katie would actually call me at 4:30 in the morning...although I have been wrong on that, then it would have to be an emergency. So I answer the phone,
"Hi, is this Thomas Pyzdek?"
(Damnit, one of my Dad's bussiness friends...)
"Who is this, then?"
"Are you related to Thomas?"
"This is your security company."
(Damnit, not bussiness...emergency.)
"Your fire alarm just went off."
"We called the Fire Dept already."
"Should I get in contact with my Dad, Thomas, then?"
"If you can."

So, I call my Dad, and he tells me to go check on the house. I get my clothes on and go. He calls me while I'm on my way to tell me not to bother going, but my mom still wants me to go. So, I go anyway, and I see that nothing special is going on aside from the annoying security alarm. I go inside, shut it off, look around the house to make sure everything is order, and leave. That has been my day so far.
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