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Well, I simply can't compete...

First thing's first, I want everyone to give a warm welcome to Luke! He just came in on a nine month flight, and from what I hear it was a pretty rough landing... I figure he has about a year or two of jetlag to get over, during which time he'll do a lot of sleeping and such. I have also heard that in comparison to where he came from, the weather here is very eratic, and we keep our homes much colder than he's used to. He is familiar with a very loud atmosphere, so do try to be loud enough for him. Like many places in the world, Tucson is much drier than his former home. But, I do hope you all make him feel at home, I will try to!

In other news, today is my mother's birthday. However, I do find myself a bit outclassed by my sister in the gift department. I could very easily give my mother a large diamond on a gold ring, a mercedes benz, a few thousand dollars and still lose out to my sister. It seems that in terms of gifts, giving life to another human being on the same day as the one that gave you life gained her own life is rather difficult to top.

I'll find something to do for all of 'em, I'm sure.

Alright, farewell everyone!
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