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Because I'm a Midnight Blaze...

Yeah, interesting last few weeks. Mel, from Australia, came in to visit Matt and myself. We met her on WoW, and it turns out she is a very cool person. We all did some sight seeing together, and it was like being on vacation in Tucson, so that was fun. She is still in town, but I doubt I'm gonna see her much before she goes.

Today, I hung out with Julia, and we did a lot of great stuff. We played some DDR, I worked on my PA on the Arcade, which has been getting really really bad lately. After that, we got some food at Brueger's Bagels, and then went to Fascinations, just for fun. Julia was, to be expected, freaked out by most of it, but it was fun none the less...very educational for all involved. Nuff said. Then we went to the mall, and looked at clothes, and just looked around in general. We went to that one novelty store, you know the one, which is par for the course when you go to the mall with Julia.

Finally, we made our way to the UA Student Union for a bit more DDR action. To our dismay, there was an enormous crowd around the machine...damn. And they were all loud baseball players...double damn! And there were people from Spoint there...Triple Damn! We watched them play for a little bit, then decided to hop on for a game. We started off with Midnight Blaze, on Light...because I honestly was trying to get my perfect attack back to where it should be. The other reason I did it was so they'd focus on such luck. There was a guy who was all like "Oh my god! This guy hasn't missed a step, come check this out!" So, then the mob who had been watching the baseball player on the other machine migrated to our machine. I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and seeing a perfectly good opportunity to show off, I took it. I started doing kneedrops, handplants, and spins, (Thanks Nhu.) and maintained a perfect combo in the process. I ended up getting a AA, despite all the freestyling silliness. The next song I did was a bit harder, and I just barely kept up a good combo. Finally, I did Holic...Heavy, 1.5x, Solo, Hidden. That is always good. All the baseball players shouted for a challenge between me and the best player on their team. So, we agreed to A on Heavy for our song. It started off really good, we both had a full combo through most of the slow part...then he missed a step...that made all the baseball guys start hooting "Nice move, sweet feet, you missed that one!" Well, that threw me off, and I missed a step. I had a better PA though, so it was all good there. At the fast part, I did okay...not fantastic, not what you would expect...but everyone was too loud to let me hear the music. It ended up coming down to a close game...but I pulled through with a B to his C. It was a good game. Then they all left.

After all of that, me and Julia made our way back to my house, and tried to watch Sideways...but the TV was too quiet, and she needed to go home, so I took her home. And that was it for today, really.

In other news, my monitor and my computer are being evil...My monitor is shifting colors inexplicably, I think it's gonna die soon, and the fan on my computer is rubbing against the case and gets loud sometimes. I have come to the very technical conclusion that the proper way to combat this condition is to smack both of them when things begin going wrong. So far, this method has worked without fail.

Alright, that's it for me, today. Farewell!
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