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Some good DDR, and a great movie, with some fun friends...

So yeah, today is Saturday, for the sake of this post..."Last night" includes all the time from 5PM Friday to 5AM Saturday.

Anywho, last night I met up with Matt and Schaefy at Gameworks. In the expected move, the three of us played a bit of the Dance Dance. Zach mostly watched, but got in for a few games, he's still getting his feet wet...but I can see the possibility of him becoming interested in the game. Matt and myself had plenty of fun playing, however, despite the fact that the Gameworks machine is miserably quiet. I had more greats than much for my average Perfect Attack that never dips below a 4:1 perfect:great ratio. I did get to the last step of V though...I mean literally the last step I failed...And we played plenty of paranoias. Matt and I managed to successfully pass Paranoia Rebirth with E's. That was a stroke of luck.

Afterwords, the Melissas showed up. We went to Darkwater, it was a fantastic movie. I am not usually a fan of "Scary Movies," but this one actually was worth seeing. It didn't feel cheesy and contrived, where the story was only a method of placing the characters in the situation that is supposed to frighten you. The movie, instead, chose to focus on the characters, making you care about them. A cute little girl is a great thing to have in such a movie, because no one wants to see her hurt, any decent human being can tell you that watching a kid die is not enjoyable in any capacity. Therefore, nothing quite matches the fear you have when you see such a child in mortal peril. Anyone who hasn't seen the movie should, because it is a great movie, horror or not.

We then went for some dinner. The dinner conversation was raucous and entertaining. The five of us stuck together for a bit after that, then we split and went different ways. Matt, Zach, and myself went to Schaefy's house to watch some standup. We ended up watching two funny comedians with very different senses of humor, then stayed up for a long time discussing things.

Now I am home, and getting ready for sleep...although, I won't really have time for much of that...
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