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"When in Rome, do the Romans!"

Quote courtesy of Carla.

So yeah, I went to Warped Tour with Carla yesterday. It was an interesting trip, especially considering I'm not a punk, and I didn't know any of the bands, and punk music is the only music I won't listen to...Aside from that I felt right at home. Carl got a lot of signings, and such, she met one of the bands, and got a picture with a guy from Unseen. I pretty much just followed her around, and took in everything around, by the end I actually found the music pretty fun. Carl probably could have found someone better to go with, but I'm still happy I got to go. After the show me and Carla went to In-n-out burger, and I got me a 3X3 animal style, MMM! Good stuff. Should have animalized my fries, but whatever.

Yesterday I took my car in to the shop, because it was leaking oil. They said they had to clean off the engine, it wasn't too expensive, so I agreed. Then they said they couldn't find the valve cap I need to replace, that was a lie, I told my mom that...and she called the volvo parts distributor for Tucson who had piles of them. That was a terrible lie on Brake Max's behalf. Today, they sent a guy to pick up the cap my mom directed them too, and said they were going to drive my car around a bit to find the leak. Lies, I still don't have my car, or any idea what is wrong with it. I am starting to hate this Brake Max. From now on, I'm taking it to the Brake Max by my parents house, I know they are good there.

Alright, gonna play some more WoW, now.
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