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Waterworld 2! This time without a political agenda!

Alright, I had a fun day. I finally tried out my washing machine, boo yah! It soaked my kitchen, not boo yah!

I turned it on, and waited to make sure that it didn't leak, everything seemed fine, so I left the room to get something. I come back a few minutes later and half of my kitchen it sitting in about a quarter inch of water, damn. I turn off the machine, and try to clean up the mess, sadly I have like...3 towels in my house. Well, this doesn't look good, I eventually get it under control, and clean up enough space to pull out the machine. Turns out the drain pipe popped out...curses. So, I put it back it, real good this time. Then I put the machine back, alrighty, problem solved. So I get back to cleaning up my kitchen, after getting a mop and using that to soak up the mess. Then I use my only dry towel to wipe up the last bit of water. So, now I turn back on the machine to finish the load that screwed up, thankfully it works this time. I dry it, it dries fine.

Now I have a sink full of wet towels. I throws those in the washing machine, because they are reeeeeeeally gross. I turn it on, this time I park a chair in front of it and watch it like a hawk. Wash cycle, good, drain, fine, rinse cycle, good, drain....drain....drain?...DRAIN DAMNIT!...Shit...And my washing machine stops in the middle of the cycle. I think to myself, "Maybe this is supposed to happen." I walk away for a while, and it still hasn't done ANYTHING. So I manually turn it off, and move the dial to every possible position, turning it on and off to see if it does anything. Nope, it is completely stopped. I call the repair guys, and just before I get the call from them to tell me they are on their way, it miraculously turns back on, like 3 hours after it stopped...What the hell? Anyway, so now it seems to be working, and I am drying my towels.

Gosh, that was a very wet ordeal.
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