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Counting the hours...

Well, right now it is June 19, 1:24 AM. I have been awake since June 17 10:30 AM. For some reason, I am still not tired. Although, I discovered something interesting. If you are awake for multiple days, you cannot measure days and nights, but only hours. I cannot think of Friday night, because it blends with Saturday morning.

The last two days haven't been very productive, however. They brought the washer/dryer on Friday, and they didn't put it in because the space was too small. I met up with my sister for dinner, and then went to Matt's house for some gaming. I came back home from his house and knocked off a door jam and moved in the washer/dryer, I got groceries. Then I went to the St. Cyril's concert, and saw Shelby, Diana, and Mercedes. That was tight. Then I watched "Meet the Fockers" with my sis. That was the last 30 some odd hours of my life in a nutshell.

Today is father's day. I think I'm gonna take my dad to see Batman Begins, he loves batman, and I hear this one is good. My dad loves movies, so I think it'll go over well.
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