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Cause I wanna be a photoshop masta...

Alright, first thing's first. I want to direct everyone here to, because it is one of the best websites ever. They link to news stories, particularly ones that people would find interesting, strange, or funny. However, for the purposes of this post, I want you to look for any article tagged "Photoshop" and then click on the comment list to the right of the article. On that list you will see various photoshops that people have done using the parameters given to them. Some are funny, some are stupid, others are amazing works of art and skill, while still others are feats of undeniable wit and observation. They most definitely hit all the options.

This is why I wish to learn the ways of photoshop. It is the electronic paintbrush, that can spread its multi-colored pigments on the glorious canvas of the internet, drawing from a pallette made up of little more than a few unrelated images. And just like real painting, the same tools and materials used to make a work of art, like Seraut's "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" (Thanks Toby), could be used to make a terrible smudge by a child. Thus, much like how children are attracted to paper and a crayon, out of a need to express themselves, I find myself drawn to photoshop for the very same reason. I know that I will not begin great, and it will take a lot of work to be any good at all. However, I have a desire to succeed, and when I see those photoshop restrictions, parameters, and themes I am flooded with an endless stream of ideas.

I found the software for a mere $100, a great price considering the retail checks in around $600. All I give up is the box and included books. For that $100 I will receive the CD, in it's original jewel case, sealed. The software is very powerful, and when put into the right hands it can do amazing things. My hands are not those hands, yet. Someday, they will be.
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