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Job decision time

Alright, here we go.

Help me choose my major.

Your choices are Performance: Voice, Engineering: Electrical, Engineering: Systems.

Rundown of each choice.
Performance: Voice
A difficult major, but fun. I love music, and I have been told I have a talent for singing, and performing in general. If I was to go into this major my career choices would be limited. I could be self-employed, and do work for clubs, and performance for miscellaneous things. However, self-employment is bad in Tucson, so I would probably move to Vegas, LA, or NY. Additionally, self-employment doesn't lend itself to steady work, so I would probably have to work a lot of odd-jobs to make ends meet. The other option is to sign up with a professional ensemble, such as an opera company or a chamber choir. Additionally, I could have steady employment in some sort of church choir. All except the last of those options pays pretty well. The downside is that I would have to tour, and maybe move far away, like Europe. Oh yeah, and I have to get hired by them, which is more than a little tough.

Important questions:
Do you like traveling? Yes
Do you have the talent to land a job with an opera company? Eh....o.o;; I dunno.
Can you deal with intermittent work/low pay as a freelance musician? I'd rather not...intermittent work sucks, low pay I could handle.
Would you mind working odd jobs? I DON'T WANT TO DO ODD JOBS!

Engineering: Electrical/Systems:
A very very time consuming major, that requires a keen mind and a ton of Math. But I like math a lot, so that's all good. If I went into this major my career choices would be numerous. I could work for any number of companies, of varying sizes and fields. The pay is extremely high to start, and advancement is very possible. The downside is that I can easily get stuck in a cubicle and a dead end job that makes me miserable and feel that my life is a waste. That would soooooooo totally suck.

Important question:
What math did you sign up for? Calculus
Why? Because Calculus is fun!
Are you driven, or do you sink to the bottom of the barrel and strive for mediocrity like some kind of diluted sick person with no self-respect and the desire to succeed of a mentally handicapped slug?! Whoa, harsh. But, yeah...I'm driven.
Do you mind paper work? God, I HATE paperwork of any sort.
Does pay really matter to you? Not really, no.
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