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Why thank you, senator.

Wow, now that I look at it...I haven't posted a real update since Thanksgiving.

Honestly, I only don't post if I am pissed off at people who read my LJ.  So, apparently I have been pissed off since Nov. 25th.

I have been playing a lot of DDR lately, so much that I broke my pad.  This is a tragedy for me.  I was on the brink of learning my first 10 footer, and perfecting many of my favorite 9's.  However, without a working pad, I am left with no real escape from the world.  Therefore, I have been escaping by researching pads.  Specifically, I have been looking at Cobalt Flux dance platforms.  These are the top of the line home-pads.  They are made with a steel base, and shatter proof lexan tops.  They are made to last, which is good for me.  I wondered if I really needed such a pad until I broke my current pad, a Red Octane Ignition 2.0 (Top of the line among soft pads.)  That tells me that I need something durable, and with things I love, I love to get the best.  Therefore, the only real option is the Cobalt flux, and considering that some people go through soft pads every few months...this could save me some serious cash over the next year...considering my addiction.

In other news, I went to see the Incredibles with Matt and Julia.  It was super-fun-time.  The movie was funny, even moreso the second time than the first, and we played DDR until Julia was hardly coherent.  Definitely a memorable time.

Yesterday, I went to my big sister's house for dinner.  She made Ruebens, which me, my brother-in-law, his aunt, and my sister all ingested with the ravenous delight of a carnivorous beast tearing into the flesh of an antelope (Ahhh, the antelope...nature's fast food.)

Oh!  And my home security system once again proved it's lack of value.  After setting the security in my house, I accidently tripped a floor panel that I forgot to bypass.  The alarm went off, and I promptly recieved a call to the effect of "Hi, was that a false alarm?"  I replied that I believed so, and they asked if I was an owner of the house.  My parents being out of town, I had to inform them that I was not.  They asked me for the password, which I didn't have.  They promptly hung up, and did nothing.  That makes me feel super need to give a password to the security people to recieve assistance...brilliant.

I am attempting to find an addictive game that I can play instead of DDR for a while.  I was thinking "The Sims 2."  The predecessor of that game stole many many many hours of my life, and it was far less sophisticated.  I have a strong feeling that if I began playing "The Sims 2" I could quickly find myself being 30 years old in my parents house, still super glued to my computer, utterly oblivious to the passage of time.  My other options are KOTOR 2, Halo 2 (unlikely with my absurdly slow upload speeds), or World of Warcraft.  What with the nature of DDR being so different from any other game, I think I could fit another game into my otherwise dead time.

As for non-electronic sources of engagement and social gratification, otherwise known as friends, I feel that my list grows shorter by the day.  Not because there are fewer people I speak to, or that people are being mean/ignoring me.  I  am merely raising the line at which I consider people friends.  By one count I have like, hundreds of friends, and by another I have a good solid five.  With that in mind, when none of my really great friends are around, I'm really hurtin.  Like right now, no access to them...therefore typing a journal entry.

Well, I have more to write, but I grow weary of typing for the time being.  I may throw up another update in a day or two...or maybe a few hours...we'll see.

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